Flash Movie Review: Something’s Killing Tate

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June 1, 2016 by Fairen


I thought I might try doing something a little different. For now, we’ll call them Flash Reviews.

The plan is to create reviews on books and movies that may or may not be typed on my phone. They are quick, short, and easy reads. Today, we start with “Something is Killing Tate”


This movie really depicts the background of the life of someone who attempts suicide. It shows the complicated background up to that moment.


I noticed that the entire plot-line of the movie was the back story of the movie. Tate’s childhood and part of his adulthood make up the majority of the story.

Overall, I would recommend this movie but it is a dark film. Suicide is a dark topic and so is the complicated past behind it.

I think that really is my only hesitation in re-watching it- it is a dark but rewarding movie as everything is not predictable.

This movie depicts suicide and depression in a way that I’ve not seen and I really enjoyed the film.

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